V. Suggestions to Expose and Eliminate Lynching and Other Abuses

Many people have made complaints at humane societies, animal regulation departments, sheriffs departments, police departments, etc.

I have complained to, in addition to those, the City Manager's office, the District Attorney's office. Congressman Elton Gallegly's office, and former Senator Jack O'Connell. Making complaints to the authorities hasn't worked.

At this time, my own suggestions to expose and eliminate lynching and other abuses associated with Shutzhund style training include:

1. Contact media and let them know you are aware that these "methods" are still being employed.

2. Try to get an investigative reporter in your town to do some investigating.

3. Do investigations on your own and attempt to get video. This has to be done very carefully.

As George Marshall was so accommodating to admit in a public forum, lynching, helicoptering, slamming to the ground and kicking “is pretty much standard practice the world over in general police dog training.” If the majority who do it won’t admit it, how can we tell them from the few who don’t?

It is the obligation and responsibility of those who do NOT torture the dogs to HELP EXPOSE those who DO, if they don’t want to be lumped in with them in the court of public opinion. Since they attend field trials and competitions together, and this information passes freely among K9 trainers, we know they have this information.

Anyone who wishes to report abuses to this site may do so anonymously via e-mail and their identity will be protected. Any information received that leads to action against the offenders will be rewarded.

I am considering initiating one or more online petitions, and would appreciate suggestions as to where they should be addressed.

With the help of concerned individuals and organizations, I am able to offer a cash reward for video that identifies location and perpetrators while in the act of hanging, helicoptering, and/or kicking dogs during “training” sessions.

Thank you for visiting this site.


Stephen King uses his leg to physically restrain the dog while jerking him hard on the choke chain. This ensures maximum discomfort for the dog.Photo courtesy Ooze Magazine